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Lead Action Plans

Our Lead Action Plans offer timely suggestions to all your Agents to more effectively manage their Leads.

These suggestions can be customized to your specific needs or you can use the default set provided. Notices are presented to your agents to send a Facebook message to their lead, or an email or make a phone call. Once a Lead Action has been completed, the agent indicates the task has been completed and adds any notes they may have about the contact.

Your agents can also collect information about the Lead and store it for future reference as they work the Lead. When a Lead "Task" becomes past due, it is indicated as such in the Agents Lead Management Area. The Broker can select to stop sending New Leads to Agents that have leads with Late Tasks.

The Broker is presented with a Lead Follow Up Performance Report that contains Lead follow up statistics for all Agents in the brokerage.

Effective Lead Management turns Leads to Customers.

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