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Real Estate Transaction Document Collection & Management System

Fully featured IDX/MLS Integrated Transaction Document Collection & Management System for Real Estate Brokerages.

Our offering includes a complete Real Estate Back Office Transaction Document Collection & Management System. The Broker sets the required forms for each transaction. The agent uploads all required and preferred documents, system checks commission, and customer information. The system generates forms to get paid directly from closing and also generates sales/closing sheets from transaction information (customer, agents, referrals, sales price, custom per agent commission splits, contracts included).

Our MLS Integrated Transaction Document Collection & Management System automates the task of Real Estate Transaction creation. The system can actually create a fully stocked transaction, automatically when you place a listing in the MLS with no action on your part! Talk about a time-saver, no more helping your agents find the right documents, no more paper shuffling, no more wasted time doing repetitive tasks.

You set the system up the first time for each Transaction Type, set the required and preferred documents in the Transaction Checklist. From then on, a transaction can be automatically created when you list in the MLS or you can manually create Transactions, also fully stocked at creation. Transaction documents can be easily previewed by a simple mouse-over action. Document Action Items include Restore, Replace, Share, Download & Delete. Color Codes are used to identify various Document types.

Once the Transaction is ready to go, the Agent can "Request Broker Approval" by a simple click. This institutes a "Transaction Pre-Flight Check" to be sure all is in order before sending a notice to the Broker that the Transaction is ready for their review. This is a huge time saver as the basic review work is done by the system and you are not wasting time sending incomplete Transactions back to the Agents. Once A Transaction is Approved it can then be signed or sent along to the title company or downloaded as a single file.

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