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Lead Rules and Routing

Lead Rules can be set to automatically route incoming leads to their best destination based on many configurable criteria.

These criteria include pricing spans, location, zip, type, etc. Lead source is also an option.

The "Source" of a Lead can be used to make a Lead that selects Leads from other sources that have been imported into our system automatically. There are several companies that offer the ability to import Leadsinto your favorite CRM. We support this function as well for all the popular services.

Route each lead to specific agents based on criteria, import third-party leads such as Realtor.com and Zillow, follow up on leads with action plans, turn off leads for agents with late tasks, and text all old leads once a month automatically. Notifications are sent to agents via text, desktop, or email.

Rules are easy to configure with a basic selection box approach. It's an easily understood method of creating complex rules.

Leads can be sent to "Groups" of your Agents if desired. You define these groups by selecting the agents you want to be involved in each Rule.

Lead Notices are sent to all those Agents involved via Email and Text Message - the Agent that responds first claims the Lead. The others are notified that the Lead was already claimed by another Agent.

Lead information is not presented to the Agent until after the Lead is claimed.

Once a Lead is Claimed by an Agent, they are notified and the"Lead Action Plans" automatically starts its work... for more information on the Lead Action Plans click here.

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