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Real Estate Lead Performance Tracking

With our Real Estate Lead Action Plans, you can easily track Lead Performance.

The Lead Action Plans provide a guide for your Agents to enable them to convert more Leads into Customers. 

Once a Lead has been claimed by an Agent via the Lead Rules, Routing & Broadcast System, our Lead Action Plans offer timely suggestions to the Agent for Phone calls, text messages and Facebook posts that will help your Agents stay in touch with their Leads. 

Each individual Lead Action Task requires a Note be added prior to it being marked as complete. This engages the Agent in the process as well as provides information to the Broker about the contact.

The Broker gets a Lead Performance Report presented on their Dashboard so that they can easily see how well the Agents are doing at Lead Follow Up. Visit our Wiki for full details.

Leads that have Late Tasks are indicated as such. The Broker can send a Note to the Agent about a specific Lead asking for more information, etc. These Notes and Exchanges are Documented in the Lead information and remain there permanently. 

The system can be set to disallow Agents with late Lead Tasks to receive new leads until the situation is corrected.

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