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Listing Central MLS System

Listing Central is a new national MLS system powered by Broker IDX Sites.

Your subscription to Broker IDX Sites services now also includes membership to Listing Central so you will have National exposure for your listings.

You can add your personal listings to our "Listing Central" database, just like you do to your local MLS. These listings can then be searched on all our member's sites that have opted in to this free service as well as our national listing portal www.listingcentral.org. This works on the old school "Handshake" IDX system.

Listings can be indicated as Private or Public. There is no limit to the number or type of listings you can add. Private listings, New homes, Rentals, Vacation Properties, etc.

Flyers can be created for these listings as well as Text Codes for an informational response via text for property information. Listing Central listings can also be included in the mass email system included with our offering.

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