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Integrated IDX Real Estate Agent Websites for all your Agents!

This INCLUDED FEATURE provides All your Agents with Integrated IDX/MLS websites on their own top-level domains.

Access to these websites is via the existing Agents account. The websites can be edited by the Agent, themes selections and customizations are offered. Email capture options are offered as well as social media sharing, PDF flyer creation, single property detail pages with permalink URL's, and many other features you would expect in a full-featured real estate website, including integrated IDX.

All leads originating from an Agents website are directed directly to the Agent.

Agent websites can be accessed by the Brokerage management Staff. 

Drip email is offered to website visitors that register on the Agents website, these registered Customers remain separate from the Brokerages Customers.

Leads and Customers can be shared with other Agent in your Brokerage, this action is recorded in the Lead Detail and stays with it for the life of the Contact.

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Broker IDX Sites, Inc. offers an economical solution to real estate Brokerage management for your entire brokerage and all your Agents, for a very low set monthly cost.


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