Real Estate Agent Performance Reports

The "Agent Report" feature allows you to request individual progress reports on all agents within the brokerage including their “Under Contract Transactions”, “Closed Transactions”, “Scheduled Showings”, and “Property Offers” statistics.

Total Sales, Commission Amounts are reported as well as Under Contract Transactions, Closed Transactions and more

This feature allows you to request individual progress reports on any agent within the brokerage by selecting the agent you would like to generate a report about.

You can select from Today, Yesterday, Month to Date, Previous month, Year to Date, Before Date, After Date, and Between Date. to narrow down your search.

“Before Date & After Date” when selected display a “Start” date, while “Between Date” when selected displays a “Start” and “End” Date Simply select “Get Report” to generate the report.

The results will be displayed in a list underneath the “Under Contract Transactions”, “Closed Transactions”, “Scheduled Showings”, and “Property Offers areas. 

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